Self-Surveillance: you have reached your destination

  • You have reached your destination is a self-surveillance interactive installation that stems from my research on the escalating usage of contemporary self-tracking devices and their effects on our self-perception, society, and culture. We have been using self-tracking applications for two decades to measure, summarise, and evaluate ourselves. Upon entering the installation space monitored by webcams that harness the power of AI technology, Computer Vision, robotics, and media design, the visitor is invited to take a selfie. This piece of data is processed by deep fake technology to manipulate one's actions in the gallery space. The spectator, now an active "feeding-the-system" participant, gets praised, directed, commanded, and urged to act by the non-human actors in this assemblage. You have reached your destination raises questions on free will, self-evaluation, authentic lived experience, and embodied knowledge by creating awareness of these new technologies' power over our physical and mental behaviours. The project sheds light on the larger discourse of human-technology interaction, on the power-knowledge-control relationship, and on metanarratives in the age of late capitalism. 




    The project was a collaboration between Zhichen Gu, Shai Rapoport and me.
    Curator: Leni Dothan

    Funded by SWWDTP and UKRI.
    Special thanks to D-iD

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