Meet some of my clients


Israel Museum, Jerusalem


The Israel Museum was founded in 1965 and has, in a remarkably short period of time, become Israel's leading cultural institution and one of the leading encyclopedic museums of the world.The museum is my main client. As the museum's web-designer I have the privilege to use the most wonderful materials and work with the most wonderful team.

Musrara school of Photography, Media, New Music, Visual Comm. and Phototherapy


The Musrara School set out from the beginning to function as an institute with a different nature - open to its environment, trying out new approaches and confronting the issues and challenges facing Israeli society. The school’s spirit was influenced by the myths connected to the neighborhood of Musrara, whose past as an impoverished neighborhood was a hotbed for the Black Panthers protest group. This counter-culturalism is integrated in the school’s vision.

Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra

Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra has been described as "mother of all baroque ensembles in Israel," is the first one in this country that performed baroque music with period instruments while using playing techniques that were current during that era.

Mahash | state attorney, ministry of justice

Bar Ilan University


Established in 1955, Bar-Ilan University is now Israel's second-largest academic institution. It has close to 26,800 students and 1,350 faculty members. Bar-Ilan University has eight faculties: Exact Sciences, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Jewish Studies, Medicine, Engineering, and Law.

Vardi Kahana


In addition to her journalistic work, Vardi has exhibited many of her artistic photographic projects in galleries and museums in Israel and abroad, including the well-known Israeli Portrait Gallery, and One Family.